I just got home from Bible study, and the message struck several chords with me.  One thing that was said was that Satan tries to demoralize me by figuring out who I fear I am and sets about to confirm it in me. Instead of walking in who I am in Christ, Satan lies to me and tries to convince me of who I think I might be and then defeats me with “stinky thinking,” as a pastor friend of mine calls it.   Abba gave me this song today called “The River.” The whole song was very powerful, but these are the words that really sank deep. “When we were drowning in lies/The river saved us.” This past year Abba has revealed to me how much I had been drowning in lies, lies that have come straight from Satan, but Jesus has saved me, and “I’m dancing in the river…”  

 I have not always taken Satan very seriously. I knew he was out there, but in my belief system, I didn’t realize the overwhelming personality that he has. Satan had me convinced that he wasn’t a serious threat; this too was a lie. If Satan cannot destroy us, he wants to ultimately distract us from Christ but also from himself, like he’s not really working, like he doesn’t really even exist. I used to get frustrated with people who focused so much on Satan, trying to make me fear him, but I went the opposite direction and paid no attention at all. I certainly don’t need to fear Satan; he was defeated on the cross. But I can’t ignore him either, because he is very much alive and working and wants to destroy everyone is his path.  Satan’s lies are mirages;  in the end, all you get is a mouthful of sand.

Another thing that hit me in the gut tonight was that Satan deals in “counterfeit brokenness” in which Satan wants me to despair and be depressed and be in such an emotional shambles that I am ultimately unable to function.  “True brokenness” however is when I become more enabled to function in the Spirit.  True brokenness allows Abba to use me because I’ve been humbled in my desperate state and realize I have nothing in and of myself.  “I’m letting go of everything but you/Carry me away…”


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