Yes, Jesus Loves Me

I was watching this preacher on TV last night, which I never do. This guy was saying that if I follow any of the commands I’m still subjecting myself to the law. Ok, I have to be honest, I had already thrown out all of them, except two, the one about loving God with all my heart, soul, mind, strength and loving my neighbor as myself.  I really thought those were the ones I was supposed to follow because Jesus said it Himself; however, Jesus said this before He died on the cross and fulfilled the whole law.  This pastor was saying that we’re still under the law if we even think we can do these things, because these are things we cannot possibly accomplish…love God with all my heart, soul, mind, strength, not to mention my neighbor…I really think there’s something to what this guy was saying, although I have to admit it makes me a little uncomfortable, but I think that’s my former legalist self trying to emerge.  This pastor said it’s all about Jesus’ love for me…which reminds me of children coming to Jesus…Jesus loves me this I know/For the Bible tells me so/ Little ones to Him belong/They are weak but He is strong/ Yes, Jesus loves me/Yes, Jesus loves me…..Jesus loves me; I belong to Him; I’m weak, and He’s strong.

So now I’m coming to grips with an even greater freedom than I already thought I had…I’m not obligated to love God and my neighbor? So I just sit back and receive God’s love, no strings attached? Seems way too easy…I’m sure I can come up with something…but why would I want to? This revelation to me last night makes me want to love my Abba even more. It makes me unbelievably grateful that I think I might start jumping up and down.  It makes me want to reach out to my neighbor in love…isn’t that what love does?  We love Him, because He first loved us…


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