The Joy of Having Older Children Influencing Younger Children…

We just went to a new church on Sunday. My children however do not like being left for the first time at a new place. Perhaps it’s because their parents don’t handle change well either. So all my kids, well 4 out of 5, were having their various meltdowns while we were trying to drop them off at their classes. Jesse (11) was the only one who was able to handle going to a new class. He told us later that he thought we were going to like the church, so he might as well go to his class, rather than delay it.

I personally hate trying new things. When I was 11, we moved from NC to SC ,and I had to go to a new Sunday school class for the first time. I remember wearing a long white fancy princess dress to Sunday school, and the girls in my new church just stood gawking at me…that was the last time I ever wore that dress.  But we didn’t make our children wear weird clothes…they can totally choose what they want to wear…Jeff and I don’t care in the least…in fact, Jesse’s Alabama hat is permanently glued backwards on his head.  Jonah (10) and Jake (9) would not even go look at their classroom, much less go into them. They ended up going with us to the service. Julia (who turned 5 that day) was having all kinds of fits. We tried one classroom and then another and gave her the choice about which one she could choose…that seemed to help. We left her and practically ran down the hall so we wouldn’t be seen if she tried to escape.  But Jeremiah (3)…well, that was the kicker. Jeremiah’s door can be seen all the way down the hall, which is a problem when parents are trying to escape from screaming, crying children who can still see them for another 2 minutes while they complete their trek down the hall and out the door. Jeremiah’s classroom door had a gate across it, so I had to lift Jeremiah over the gate with his legs kicking and put him into his class. But as I was halfway down the hall I heard his screeching voice scream out, “You butthole, Moooommmm!” Yes, that’s right. I just continued to walk on without looking back and acknowledging that I was the mother to whom these words were being addressed.  Now, my older boys, when they were little, they didn’t know words like shut up or butthole or various other crude words that kids eventually know exist.  So, needless to say, we are addressing these things… 

When we went to pick up our children from their classrooms, they were really quite fine, as we knew they would be. In fact, they actually enjoyed it.  


1 Response to “The Joy of Having Older Children Influencing Younger Children…”

  1. 1 Julie
    March 24, 2008 at 11:46 am

    This made me laugh so hard. I told Patrick the story and he roared with laughter too. Much funnier when it happens to someone else other than us:) Oh well, so much for first impressions with those at church. At least you don’t have to pretend like you have it all together. I have loved reading your blog.

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