Not Again…

We are currently passing around a very violent stomach bug in our house. All five children have now gotten it, some far worse than others. Jeff and I are awaiting our turns, preferably not at the same time.

This is the only sickness that freaks me out, because once someone in our household gets it, everyone does.  There’s a certain element of gross when everyone is throwing up. It involves washing things that I had no intention of washing combined with what do I do with this mess?

Several years ago, Jeff and I had a very bad bout with it. We were throwing up simultaneously which can be difficult with only one bathroom,. We also had  small children, 3 children under the age of 3.  Children under the age of 3 can do nothing for themselves. This was a problem since every time I would move, I threw up. Jeff and I just moaned and groaned and lay on the couch and loveseat with our trash cans beside us. Trying to change a messy diaper while having a stomach bug is really bad, but not quite as bad as trying to clean up someone else’s vomit while you have the stomach virus. Fortunately, at the time, we lived in the same town as my parents, and they took care of our boys while we were in such a desperate situation. The unfortunate part was that we gifted mom and dad with our stomach bug.

Another incident occurred when we lived in Alabama and were visiting my parents in South Carolina (where my sister and her family live as well). She came down to hang out with us for the day and brought my nephew who had thrown up the night before. She said it was shots that he had gotten or something he had eaten (believe me, it’s never something they ate) A couple days later, we headed back to Alabama which is a 5 hour drive. About halfway through our drive, 2 of our children started throwing up. One managed to catch his vomit in a bag (he’s our vomit expert, since he used to get car sick and routinely throw up all over his car seat; this son can practically throw up on demand), but the other one started screaming and flailing around and throwing up everywhere, all over himself and the van. (I tend to laugh at inappropriate times, and this was once again one of those times…it was the screaming combined with the vomiting and the ludicrousness of having kids throwing up at the same time, and still having a few hours to drive that did if for me) The smell, well, it was bad. As soon as we got home,  my other son began throwing up, but for him, this was a moment of pride. He said, “Now we all have it. We’re the throw up boys from Alabama.” I then began throwing up shortly thereafter. I don’t handle pain well, and this was one of those lay in the bathroom floor, I just wanna die moments.

I really thought we were going to be excluded from the stomach bug this year; however, I’m sad to say we are not. I’m just waiting my turn, knowing that it will be bad. From what I’ve heard and seen of this one, it will be one of those lay on the bathroom floor kind of things, which will be really gross considering we need to remodel our bathrooms, and the floors are pretty disgusting as only houses built in the 1960’s can be. I’m awaiting my fate with a certain trepidation but also a certain knowledge. I still think ignorance is bliss.

A person might think I really enjoyed this stuff, and maybe I do, after the fact. I seem to remember these stories in vivid detail, much like I remember giving birth to a child, but giving birth to a child though painful has a redeeming factor, the baby. Throwing up from a stomach virus does not.  


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