5 Essentials When Traveling With Kids


 5 essentials when traveling with kids:


     1.  Wet wipes

They’re good for everything even if you don’t have kids.  They are especially good for wiping sticky faces and hands if you were foolish enough to have taken anything that contained sugar, which not only makes a sticky mess but also hypes kids up beyond belief. Wipes are also good for cleaning up vomit (although you need massive amounts for this).


     2. Towels


I learned to carry towels with us when my first son routinely got car sick all over his car seat. Towels can be used to catch vomit or clean it up, but they can also be draped over cloth seats (which is unfortunate to have if you have kids) and car seats (which unfortunately are always cloth).


3.  Plastic bags  (preferably not Walmart bags)


I have found that they are very good for catching vomit if handed out in time. Walmart bags however do not serve this purpose since they almost always have holes in the bottom. I recently had to use one myself and am glad I checked the bottom of the bag first. If you don’t hand them out in time or don’t have children old enough to use them properly, then these bags can be used for the clothes or towels that have now been vomited on.


4.  Large cups with lids


Restaurant cups work well for boys who just can’t hold it any longer. But be sure to get rid of the straw after you put the lid back on, so you don’t accidentally take a swig later.


5.   Jackson Browne CD’s


This can be used for children who have been given sugar in any form (juice boxes included) and are now bouncing off the walls. These same children are bored with the DVD’s that they themselves picked out.  I must say, this music had an unexpected, but welcomed drug effect on my children…Jeff and I were like, “Hey, where did the kids go?”




5 Responses to “5 Essentials When Traveling With Kids”

  1. May 22, 2008 at 11:37 am

    Some handy tips. Especially Jackson Browne!!!

    Personally I always make everybody stop and get out every 45 minutes and if anybody is ever sick I always ask if someone has been poorly at school and never mention the words “car sickness”.

    Before going on a long journey I give a special sweetie for being very good (which is in fact half a TRAVELEEZE car sickness pastille and I have found them very effective)

  2. 2 Julie
    May 22, 2008 at 12:24 pm

    Thanks for the chuckle!

    You forgot the Dramamine for those who are terribly grieved with motion sickness! I have 1 & sometimes 2 that have to have it…but beaware…when looking for Dramamine at Wally world (Wal-mart), it isn’t with the medications, so be sure to ask for some help! I’ll try to remember to ask my husband where he found it the last time he had to buy it!

    BTW…baby wipes are GREAT for cleaning up the car. (like when your kids leave cups with kool-aid still in them and it eventually leaks into the cup holder and it gets all sticky!), or suckers that didn’t quite get all eaten! (Trust me on this one…I just detailed my van last night!) 😉

    Hand-sanitizer & Febreze for the smell after the vomiting subsides!

  3. 3 Julie
    May 22, 2008 at 12:27 pm

    another tip on the wipes…I try to leave 1 big container of wipes in every vehicle, so that when you need them…you have them, or when you’re diaper bag or child’s bag is ‘missing them’ you have a back-up already in the car!

    I keep mine under my seat!

  4. May 22, 2008 at 2:55 pm

    Fortunately, no one gets car sick anymore! Yay! My oldest son outgrew it after a couple of years, but those years left quite an impression, as you can see by my blog posts. We’ve just been infiltrated with the stomach virus on 2 different trips…(I refer to the other time in my blog titled “Not Again…”)

    Some people might think I’m obsessed with vomit, and maybe I am, but with 5 kids, vomiting occurs…maybe not that frequently, but it’s always over the top…

  5. 5 lhug143
    May 22, 2008 at 6:25 pm

    I’m glad I read all the comments before submitting mine…..repetition bores me….so….I’ll just say thanks for the tips, we always have to have wipes & saltine crackers for those same upset tummies, theirs or mine! I know every parent has noticed how the very first day you brought your baby home your vocabulary became all about body functions, noises and smells, how much, how bad and what color. It’s a unique club that just about every one would want to join if they just knew all the fun involved, huh? Truly, we take the good with the bad & there seems to always be more good! Kids: Gotta love ’em! We do!

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