Where I Am


I am not a poet. But I’m in a Bible study this summer where I’m supposed to write my own psalm after some of the lessons. As I was reading Psalm 120, part of this is what tumbled out on the page and seems to describe where I am right now. These past few weeks, months, years I’ve been in many valley places, some self-inflicted, some not. But I know that whether I’m on the mountain, in the valley, or out in the wide open places, my Abba is right there with me.


Life is hard and not an easy place to be,

But I know You’re the one sustaining me.

‘Though at times I’m not where I want to be,

I know it’s Your plan for me.

My hands are wide open

Receiving all that You do.

‘Cause, Lord, I’m trusting You.


Satan’s lies are hard to bear,

And sometimes I listen and give in.

But they only bring me shame

That You said I don’t have to wear.

So when the days are long,

And my spirit isn’t strong,

I cry out to you.


Some things are painful

And don’t seem to go away.  

But You never said

This journey would be easy

And it isn’t most days.

But I’m trusting in Your promise

That You are all that I need.


You are the Faithful One,

Whose goodness I see.

Right now, I’m finding refuge

In the shadow of Your wing.

Abba, I’m down on my knees

Where I feel Your hand of love on me,

Always protecting, keeping, guarding me.





1 Response to “Where I Am”

  1. 1 fross
    July 3, 2008 at 7:47 am

    awesome, i really like it. share more with me pls thanks you.

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