When Pride Seeps In


As I was sitting in my ladies’ Bible study Wednesday morning, I began to be filled with pride, pride at what Abba is doing in my life, and I began to feel like the ladies around me were just not “getting it.”


As I sat there judging those around me, this is what Abba told me, and I wrote it down so that I can come back to it often and remember, “It’s not that they are wrong. This may be the way I have chosen to give it to them, to help them to understand, to let them see Me. It’s not going to be the same for each person. In fact, it might be radically different. Stop comparing and accept my love in the way in which I have chosen to give it to you. Stop being the judge—you cannot love and be a judge at the same time.”


I’m in the middle of trying to learn what it means to lay my stuff at the foot of the cross.  This is hard.  But I’m finding myself wanting Jesus more than I want to hold onto my junk. Pride is a huge piece of my not so pretty package. For years, as my insecurities became greater and greater, looking down on other people made me feel better about myself…and this was comfortable for me. But this has changed. It is no longer comfortable. Abba recently opened my eyes so that I actually saw myself beating on Jesus, spitting on Him, cursing Him…not exactly my proudest moment. But this is who I was and what I was capable of, and I just needed to be reminded that I was at the cross and actually took part in all His pain…doesn’t leave much room for my pride. But instead of finding myself slinking away in guilt and shame, Jesus caught my attention and looked at me with His eyes of love and mercy and said, “You were worth it.”


So, what was it that I was proud of again?


Everything comes from Him;

Everything happens through Him;

Everything ends up in Him.

Always glory! Always praise!

Yes. Yes. Yes.

-Romans 11


2 Responses to “When Pride Seeps In”

  1. 1 Kate
    July 19, 2008 at 4:49 pm

    I loved your blog today! I have not really entered the world of blogs unti today – I mean, I know what they are and so forth; however, I’ve never had time to read them or keep one but things are changing in my life. The Lord directed me to quit my current job and when I agreed to do so (huge leap of faith!), He sent me a new job in less than 24 hours! Starting Monday Aug. 4th, I will be a Bank Teller at a small local bank. No more 2 hr commute per day! I am going to devote that time to first of all writing for the Lord. And, second of all, to my grandson who are growing up awfully fast.

    I love how God works in our lives. It was fun hearing about your experience.

  2. 2 LeeAnne
    July 19, 2008 at 6:13 pm

    It’s so great how you’re listening to Abba and “getting it”….the special “IT” meant just for you! You brought to mind this awesome book I read this summer: Max Lucado’s (What God Did to Win Your Heart) “He Chose The Nails”……I haven’t done the study guide yet but I’m going back through it a 2nd time so that I can, because I need to do the same – meet Him at the cross and “nail it down”….Actually I can’t wait to receive His special “IT” that’s just for me! His love (and all it includes) for Just Me, has been the only thing getting me through my days lately! Thank God for His faithfulness!!!

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