Enjoy Each Moment

Today marks a new day for me. It’s kind of a sad, but good day all at the same time. Three of my kids since they were little would climb in the bed with me in the middle of the night. Since our last two children, Julia and Jeremiah, are close in age, several months ago our bedroom had become a revolving door all night long. Julia, who’s 5, now sometimes comes in during the middle of the night but sleeps on the hardwood floor beside my bed. I finally had to tell Jeremiah, who is going to be 4 in August, that he has to wait until it’s light outside to come get in the bed with me, simply because I was getting very little sleep. Now, unless Jeremiah’s has a “berry scary dream,” he usually comes in at first light. The only reason we let this behavior continue is because in the big scheme of things, this stage only lasts a short time, and then it stops forever. Jake, who’s 9, used to come in as well, but he quickly grew out of this stage several years ago.
But when it comes to climbing in bed with me, Jeremiah usually comes and stands beside the bed…he doesn’t touch me… but just looks at me until I groggily acknowledge his presence and then welcome him beside me. I’m such a light sleeper that his looking at me usually wakes me up. But, this morning, for the first time, Jeremiah came and stood beside Jeff’s side of the bed. This for me was a sad but welcome moment because I realize this is how it should be…a moment where Jeremiah is in essence saying, “I’m a boy, and I should hang with my dad.” I had to wake Jeff up to tell him about his little visitor because Jeff is not a light sleeper and will not necessarily wake up with someone just staring at him. I honestly didn’t realize I would be sad about this. Maybe it’s because Jeremiah’s the last born, and this is the beginning of the end of having small children cuddle up with me in the early morning hours. But some things I’m just not sentimental about because I know for a fact I wasn’t this torn up about the last diaper I changed. I think I was more like, “This WILL be the last diaper I change because I’m not buying a whole other box…” But who wouldn’t have that attitude after changing 30,000 or so?

But Jeremiah’s the baby. And he’s just a funny kid in general. He’s my cuddly one. He comes into my room sucking on his thumb and playing with the front of his hair, and gets as close to me as he can possibly get without being on top of me. He got dressed the other day, complete with his superman tennis shoes without socks and says to me as he poses with his hand on his hip, “Am I awesome?” He also uses terms of endearments for me after some of his sentences. He’ll say, “Thank you, sweet pea” or “Here you go, my servant.” He routinely calls me sweetheart but hasn’t been doing that as much lately either. He’s my one child that always tells me I’m pretty. And he still enjoys hanging out in his spiderman underwear and would wear them to the store if I would let him…these are moments I will miss.

I’m glad Jeremiah’s growing up and doing the boy thing, but I’m kind of sad at the same time. There will be more and more last moments, and some will be gladly welcomed (like wiping his bottom for the last time) and some will be with mixed emotions. Today when I saw Jeremiah stand beside Jeff’s side of the bed, it just hit me a little hard that life is changing at a speed that I have a hard time keeping up with…and my kids are changing with it. And hopefully, I’m growing and changing too in this whole process. Jeremiah changing sides of the bed to his dad’s side just reminds me once again to enjoy each moment because it might not look the same tomorrow.                      


                                               my superhero Jeremiah

                                                  my superhero Jeremiah 




2 Responses to “Enjoy Each Moment”

  1. August 11, 2008 at 7:36 am

    Thanks! Really amazing. Big ups!

  2. August 17, 2008 at 9:07 pm

    Found your blog on a Nashville tag tonight. Your son sounds like such a funny boy! They just grow up waaaay too fast, don’t they?

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