Learning to Dance


I grew up thinking dancing was wrong. So I never learned how to dance. When I went to the beach after my Senior year in high school, my girlfriends and I went to a dance club. At the time, this made me feel very guilty because I was told I wasn’t supposed to dance.


But at the beach I tried to dance. I think I would have been fine if I had just hung with my girlfriends and danced with them because you can dance stupidly with girls. But some guy asked me to dance…and so I attempted to do so. I guess I was really bad…because he didn’t stay around long.


But now I dance…many times it’s to my own rhythm and beat, but I still do it nonetheless. My children just laugh and roll their eyes. And when I “get down” in my van, the older ones pretend not to notice and just stare out the window, wishing our van windows were tinted black. The younger ones giggle.


But dancing is important. King David in the Bible was so overjoyed to have the ark of the covenant  (presence of the Lord) coming into Jerusalem that he danced with all his might. He was so moved and loved Abba so much that he couldn’t control himself. His wife Michal showed disdain for him and his dancing and told him so…it also states she didn’t have any children…I’m not sure if that was because the Lord closed her womb or if David refused to touch her after that, but either way, her lack of children seems to be a direct consequence of her scorning David for his dancing. But, here was the king and he was behaving like a little kid, twirling himself around, leaping into the air, happy to be alive…dancing.


I’ve begun to see dancing as growth. And seven years ago was when I started learning how to dance. Up until that time, I was content to sit in the corner and be a wallflower… there were still people telling me I shouldn’t dance. But when Jesus looked at me with his tender eyes and held out his hand for me to join Him…to not sit contentedly drinking punch, how could I refuse?


It was slow going at first and awkward, but I’m learning to let Him lead. I get tired…and sometimes I lose my rhythm and wander back over to my chair in the corner, because some days I prefer to be a wallflower…but that’s not as comfortable as it used to be…so I don’t stay there very long. 


And even though there are still dances I don’t know yet, I’m learning to pay attention and let Him lead. Because for me, dancing is a celebration…it’s learning to let go and allow His Spirit to move through me…it’s good times…it’s freedom.


When I get to see Jesus face to face, and I get to have my alone time with Him I know exactly what He’s going to ask me…




1 Response to “Learning to Dance”

  1. 1 Anna Arsenault
    September 19, 2008 at 8:33 pm

    Kim, I love to dance… but not real dancing… I love to hippie dance as John would call it. Yeah, know where you almost look like you are having spasms.. its really great. It really makes you feel free. One, thing I really miss from going to all my shows… back in the day

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