And What Was the Reason for the Season Again?


We, too, don’t realize what we have. Just like 2,000 years ago when Jesus came into the world, people were too busy and too frazzled and too worried about governments and taxes and being in the right place at the right time to realize what had come…God in skin and flesh and bone.


We’ve lost the meaning of Christmas in the same way that the little town of Bethlehem never had it. We’ve lost sight of Christ and replaced Him with shopping and Christmas cards and trees and lights and cantatas about Him and a whole multitude of other things that ultimately don’t amount to much.


Yesterday, as I was folding laundry and listening to Christmas music and trying to hear Him, hoping, praying He would give me a word, give me some relief in my struggle to see Him clearly…it was then when I realized I’d gotten really cluttered, and that I hadn’t heard from Him in a while…at least I don’t think I have. But, honestly, when I don’t seem to see Him, it’s because I’m not really looking. And I haven’t really been looking lately…even though this is the season we’re supposed to notice Him the most.


And then it hit me that every Christmas ends up being the same…as much as I vow that each Christmas season will be different from the last, that I won’t be busy doing pointless things…but that Christmas for me will be about focusing on Christ and who He is and about family hanging out and merging those two together. But somehow, I veer from this each year and always end up doing the something that has to be done…the something that has to be planned…there always seems to be that some thing that seems so important at the time.


This year, I haven’t really been bustling about at the last minute…ok, well, not as much as usual…all the gifts were bought a few weeks back. This year, I have done better with the whole gift thing. I think I finally came to the conclusion that there is no perfect gift for everyone, and that that’s ok.


But even though I wasn’t out buying gifts, this year’s low for me was sitting in the Sam’s Club parking lot a couple days ago folding and stuffing pictures and Christmas letters inside envelopes for over an hour and asking myself the whole time why I was even going to all this trouble three days before Christmas, why I was spending this time away from my family and questioning where Jesus was in the middle of this…I had managed to squeeze Him into a few lines in my Christmas brag letter about how His grace had once again been very real in my life and how I wouldn’t have made it without Him this year…but then…were those just words?  


I certainly don’t stand in judgment of a certain innkeeper who didn’t have any room in his inn because I’m afraid I’m that same innkeeper, and I too have somehow managed to not have room for Jesus as well. But, maybe I’m even worse than that notorious innkeeper because I’ve actually invited Jesus in, only to push Him out later when things get a little crazy.


But today was when His grace reached down and His mercy once again overwhelmed me and I got why He came in the first place. He sneaked up on me, and then I realized just how much I missed Him. He is home for me, and when I fail to see Him, to really see Him…is when I feel the most lost. But I’m not lost and I’m not alone…ever.


I just want to get it though…really get it…get it in the way that the shepherds and wise men got it…to realize that His sacrifice wasn’t just in dying…it was in coming to earth to be one of us…




3 Responses to “And What Was the Reason for the Season Again?”

  1. 1 Hazel Jones
    December 26, 2008 at 10:11 pm


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  2. 2 Julie Herman
    December 27, 2008 at 5:26 pm

    You have such a wonderful gift! The gift of writing. It is amazing to me how God reveals himself to each one of his children in different ways, to remind them that He is indeed watching over and taking care of us even when we neglect him! It seems like when we are at our lowest, is when God is at his strongest!

    Thank you for your blog! You can put into words what some of us are always thinking! 🙂

    Julie 🙂

  3. January 5, 2009 at 6:27 pm

    This is my first time visiting your blog. I loved reading your honest and heart-felt thoughts. I could so relate to getting caught up in the Christmas whirl (unintentionally) and the emptiness that it leads to . . . Each year, for some reason, it has been getting easier to let go of all the Christmas busy-ness. Our decorating this year was quite minimal (only unearthed one of the 10 or so tubs of decorations), and no cards were sent out (I’m still planning to write letters, one a day, to the people far away who I really want to connect with). Our gift-buying was simplified, too, as we tried to make more of our own . . . I think it will always be a struggle, to try to balance our celebrating with our worship . . . I’m beginning to think it’s a road, and each year we’ll just tweak it a little more, letting go of what needs to be let go of. Anyway, sorry to ramble, but i really appreciated your thoughts. God bless 🙂

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