An Honest Prayer

“Dear Father, my sin is ever before me. I have desired control and that has only produced fear. I have desired power over others and that has ony served to alienate them from me. I have desired my own comfort and that has only brought forth anger when my comfort was not achieved. I have sought the approval of others and have meticulously kept them from seeing my true self for fear of rejection. Idolatry plagues my heart! I am consumed with thoughts of self-aggrandizement(making others believe I’m better than I am), self-promotion and self-service.

In my deepest parts, I doubt that you are God and I want to rule myself. I cry out to you, Father. Only you can deliver me. Show me the cross. For without Jesus’ glorious robe of righteousness to cover my nakedness, I’ll die. Show me the love of my beautiful Savior who gave up his glory and even his life that I might be delivered from idolatry. May the work of Jesus ever stir me towards radical, joyful obedience. May he be my reason for living and my eternal source of joy, hope, faith and love. Amen.”

from A Prayer Life That Nourishes Your Relationship to God by Tim Keller


1 Response to “An Honest Prayer”

  1. 1 CindyWaldrop
    February 6, 2010 at 6:59 am

    Holy cows! Just Holy Cows!

    Kim – I needed this prayer. Definite God thing going on here.
    Confession: I’ve borrowed and linked you in my blog. Again.

    Deep humble gratitude.

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