Such a Kim Thing

Our cat looks terrible. He’s lost a lot of weight. And we think he has a flea allergy which has caused him to constantly scratch himself (which I’ve been told cats aren’t supposed to do) and lick off all the hair on his backside. So, he’s not real pretty right now…just skinny and hairless. And due to his constant hair licking, he’s also been coughing up hairballs all over the place. I failed to clean one of these nasty things up off the sidewalk, and someone who I had not met before came over to our house for dinner, and she stepped all in it…nice little welcoming present…yeah, good to meet you too.

So, for months we’ve been trying to figure out what to do about our cat’s issues, and we’ve tried different things, but we heard that canned pumpkin might do the trick to clean hairballs out of his stomach. So I have been searching everywhere and driving all over the place to find pumpkin…which apparently is only seasonal and, due to the pumpkin shortage in the fall, is very hard to get…so if you’re craving pumpkin pie you’re out of luck until Thanksgiving.

So, I thought, instead of wasting gas by driving to another grocery store and then searching high and low, trying to figure out if the pumpkin is on the shelf with the canned vegetables or with the canned fruit or with the pie fillings, that I would instead call a different grocery chain to see if they had it in stock. They, too, did not have it in stock.

Me on the phone with Grocery Guy:

Me: “Can you order me some canned pumpkin?”

Grocery guy: “Well, I can try to order you some, but due to the pumpkin shortage we might not be able to get any in.”

Me: “Ok.”

GG: “How many would you like to order?”

Me: “Um, two, no make that three.”

GG: “Ok, three cases.”

Me: “Three cases? Oh, no, acutally, I just wanted three cans.”

(I guess in my mind, I really thought the canned goods delivery guy would step off the truck and hand over my 3 little cans of pumpkin.)

Me: “Um, well, I guess I’ll just take a case then. How many are in a case?”

GG: “Twenty-four cans, but let me double check to make sure there are none on the shelves.”

Waiting for GG…

…thinking about how long it would take for me to possibly use up 24 cans of pumpkin and where I would store them in the meantime…

…and Jeff, in the background, also reiterating that we didn’t need 24 cans of pumpkin and that maybe we should go to the pet store and find something for our cat’s problem…instead of my more difficult, alternative method…

Grocery Guy comes back to the phone.

GG: “There aren’t any on the shelf, so I’ll just go ahead and order you that case.”

Me: “You know what? I can’t possibly use a whole case of pumpkin, so I’ll just try to find it somewhere else.”

GG: “Ma’am, you don’t have to buy the whole case.”

Me: “Oh, ok.”

He’s supposed to call me back today and let me know if my case of pumpkin came in. It just hit me that he’s probably not going to call me back…

…I really should not be allowed to talk to strangers.


4 Responses to “Such a Kim Thing”

  1. 1 Britt
    April 19, 2010 at 8:17 pm

    Funny!! I have to tell you, one of our dogs developed an allergy that was from chicken (it is very difficult to find dog food without chicken unless you are willing to pay). Your cat could have an allergy to anything that is constantly in his food. Most likely a meat or grain, if you eliminate it, he should stop losing hair and then your hairball problem is gone! Just “food” for thought.

  2. April 20, 2010 at 12:17 pm

    thanks, Britt! We’ll definitely have to look into that.

  3. 3 bethany
    April 20, 2010 at 2:15 pm

    I heart you! Thanks for putting a smile and a giggle on my face today.

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