Such a Kim Thing (part 3)

We are now a two cat family, thanks to me. I never intended on having one cat, much less two. I’m not much of an indoor animal kind of person, and our first cat was meant to be an outdoor cat, but it never happens the way you intend for it to.

So, we’ve had Tigerball (big cat) for about 4 or 5 years now. And he is the cat with all the problems, obsessive licking, scratching, hairballs (Such a Kim Thing), so I really thought he was on his way out…I mean like death, kind of out.

So, to ease my kids’ possible pain, we (ok actually Jeff will not lay claim to any part of this, so it was actually the me of “we”) starting talking about getting a kitten to “replace” Tigerball when he went the way of all living creatures.

So, our neighbors “providentially” found a kitten, probably around 3 weeks old in their ditch a couple months ago, and they gave him to us.

The day after we got the kitten, we noticed that there was this hole near his ear that a “worm” kept sticking its head out of. Gross. Jesse and I tried to get this living organism that kept coming to the surface out of the kitten’s head. After working at it all day, Jesse was able to pull it out with tweezers. It was a whitish color and looked like a larva of some sort. We found out later that it was a fly larva that gets into kittens and rabbits and then drills a whole to the outside so that it can get air. Nasty.

So, we have a cat that is dying, and we have just inherited a very young kitten (Rocky) who already has issues.

Rocky (kitten) now wants Tigerball (big cat) to play and wrestle with him, but Tigerball wants none of it, so we often hear this hissing and fighting and crazy meowing kind of stuff. Seriously? We now have to separate the two cats…I feel like I have two more children who won’t keep their hands off each other.

We leave the house one day, and when we come back, the kitten is now walking on only 3 legs, protectively holding the other leg up in the air. Not sure what happened, but maybe, just maybe Tigerball got tired of the wrestling match that Rocky always started. I failed to mention that I think Rocky believes Tigerball is his mother and tries to routinely nurse Tigerball, who since he is male has no female nurturing, much less nipples. 

 Poor Tigerball. We bring in an ADHD kitten to take his place right before he dies…

Only he’s not dying anymore. He seems to be growing his hair and weight back, and we haven’t seen any hairballs in a while. We think after it’s all said and done, Tigerball may just be an OCD cat who has a flee allergy.

So, now we have 2 cats who fight constantly. And we are so not those crazy cat people. But, then again, I think we actually might be.


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