paint, tubs, and little orange pills

Jeff was in charge of the remote one night while Jesse and Jonah (ages 14 and 13) and I were in the room. We were all watching TV, but Jeff wasn’t really paying attention…I think he was on his blackberry. So, this commercial where this couple is painting comes on, only the commercial is not selling paint. This man and woman look like they’re in the middle of painting a room yellow, except they’re not painting, because not only are they not dressed in paint clothes, but they don’t have paint anywhere on them.  And as the woman is stepping off the ladder and handing the man the roller that she has clearly not been using to paint with, the man is looking at the woman kinda funny-like, because apparently he’s already bought what this commercial is selling.

And I realize what the commercial is about, and the boys realize what the commercial is about, but Jeff is still on his blackberry and is not realizing what the commercial is about.  And I start to grunt, and the boys start tittering and laughing.

And then the ceiling in this yellow room that they’re not painting opens up to the outside, and I’m grunting louder, and the boys are uncomfortably laughing out loud. And the narrator on the commercial says something like, “Cause when you’re in the mood…”And then this man and woman appear in two bathtubs in the middle of the woods.

Let’s face it. I don’t know about you, but I’m never really in that kind of mood when I’m painting. I’m usually wanting to get my project done as quickly as I can (and I really do mean painting here)… Just imagine the gunked up roller and brushes you’d have to come back to if you stopped to take a walk in the woods.  Not to mention the kind of tubs you typically find in the woods…probably not anything you’d want to crawl into.

I guess some commercials are a little like action movies…in that you have to have that whole willing suspension of disbelief thing going on…which was not exactly what was going on with Jeff.

The boys and I were almost beside ourselves when it finally dawned on Jeff why we were causing all this commotion over a commercial. And as he changed the channel he says, “Oh, I really thought it was a paint commercial…”

Just wondering where I can get some of that paint…


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