Brotherly Love

Jeremiah was finishing up his time on the computer in our living room, as we were all chowing down on spaghetti in the kitchen. Jeff noticed that there wasn’t much spaghetti left for Jeremiah, so I went over to the strainer and noticed that there were 10 or so noodles left.  I clearly did not make enough spaghetti.

That always seems to be the dilemma with spaghetti…either too many noodles for the amount of sauce or too few noodles for the amount of sauce and people.

To fix my dilemma about having run out of food for my youngest, oldest brother Jesse said, “Everyone, eat fast.”

To which I laughed out loud, but I must say that I actually gave his suggestion some thought.  But after I looked around, I realized that we probably couldn’t eat that fast and have everyone’s dish loaded in the dishwasher for Jeremiah not to notice that we had spaghetti for dinner.

Second oldest brother Jonah said, “Put a lot of sauce on his noodles; maybe he won’t notice that there aren’t that many.”

I put all ten noodles on his plate along with a few partials that I managed to scrape off the side of the strainer.

I took my second son’s advice and put a little more sauce than I would normally; however, his plate just looked like an explosion of sauce with 10 noodles on it.

Jeremiah waltzed in, sat down at the island and happily ate his saucy 10 noodles.

He got down and asked to go play with our neighbors.

After a few minutes, he came back home and asked me for a sandwich.

Ten minutes later, he asked for another.

(yeah, yeah, I know, more noodles next time, and everyone needs to eat at the same time,  and maybe someone could have given Jeremiah their noodles that they were scarfing down, but, then again, there wouldn’t have been laughter or a story….)


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