When Stuff Disappears…

My stuff just disappears sometimes. I have 5 kids. Stuff disappears all the time.

So when I couldn’t find my tweezers a few days ago, I thought one of my kids had taken them. I looked everywhere I thought I could have put them. And they just weren’t anywhere.

So I began asking each of my kids if they had taken them.

No big deal.

I just wanted them back. I needed them back.

I really needed to tweeze before Jesse’s basketball banquet tonight (not that anyone cared what my eyebrows looked like).

So, I mentioned it again, and still, no one owned up to taking my tweezers.

After the basketball banquet, we came home and watched the movie “Nanny McPhee Returns” with our kids.

Nanny McPhee is kind of like Mary Poppins, but scary kind of ugly with a snaggle tooth that hangs over her lip, a mole that has hair growing out of it and one long unibrow that my teenage boys made fun of.

Anyway, during the movie, I announced that if I didn’t get my tweezers back soon, I would have a unibrow like Nanny McPhee’s.

I guess I scared the child that borrowed my tweezers because I found my tweezers sitting on top of our upstairs railing a few hours after we watched the movie.

You know, I could very well have put my tweezers there and overlooked them with all the other stuff sitting on the railing…

But I think it’s more likely that one of my children vividly saw that unibrow growing across my forehead and was wondering if the mole and snaggle tooth were part of the unibrow package…

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