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Walking With People Toward Jesus

And He began to send them out two by two… So they went out and proclaimed that people should repent. (Mark 6)

This is what Jeff and I are called to do. We are being sent out to walk with people towards Jesus. We are doing discipleship with people, showing them how to repent and believe, urging them to listen to what the Holy Spirit is telling them they need to repent of and what He is telling them to do about it (not in a legalistic kind of way, but rather Holy Spirit-led, growth kind of way).  And this is done only in the context of community.

God has put us in community with other believers who are seeking Him. This happened almost overnight. He called us to take small steps, and we simply had to listen and obey. This was not easy. It felt like there was much opposition; there was fear and doubt and insecurity on my part, but we obeyed and put one foot in front of the other. And God is flinging His kingdom wide open here in Nashville. We are letting our light shine so that people will glorify God and the great things He has done in us and through us.

In the eight weeks since our community started, we have seen God’s Spirit break in, and there is life. Beautiful, abundant life. The people in our community are starting to really love each other, not just in word but also in action. And Jeff and I are committed to walk the journey out with these believers.

And this is just the beginning. God has put in our hearts to start these small communities of 20-50 people all over Nashville. One of the guys Jeff is doing discipleship with already wants to start one on his side of town. We are excited to be a part of God’s kingdom here in Nashville…we are simply blooming where we have been planted.

The word for what can happen in our culture with these small communities, focused on Jesus, loving each other and caring for one another, is virus. If people get a whiff of the life that happens when surrender occurs, following Jesus with other believers in these small communities could go viral here in our cities, states, country. This is the way it’s already happening all over the world. I’m humbled and grateful that He has called me to give my life for this.

He charged them to take nothing for their journey except a staff—no bread, no bag, no money in their belts—but to wear sandals and not put on two tunics.  (Mark 6)

Jeff and I are called to put on our walking shoes, take our walking stick and put on our jacket. But how does this translate in our culture? How do we “earn” a living doing this?

Simply put, God’s provision. The expectation is 100 percent on Him to show up to provide for our family’s needs. However, He uses His people to share their resources with those who are ministering, and as Paul urged the Philippians, he said it was to their benefit to share in the work of the ministry. I’m excited to see how God does this. Because this is not done out of duty or obligation but the Holy Spirit working and His people listening.

Our family is called to this. And everything else is a distraction. I feel an urgency to share our journey with others and see others grow up in Him. I am very much in process, but I know this–that Jesus and His kingdom are worth giving my life for.

Please pray that we would continue to stay grounded in God and the things of God, that we would have listening ears and receptive hearts, and that our community and the others that are started would bring glory to Him. And consider being a part of what God is calling us to do. We’d love to hear from you.

For the love of Christ compels us…that those who live should live no longer for themselves, but for Him who died for them and rose again. (2 Cor 5)

Jeff and Kim Darnell, 1045 Fontaine Drive, Goodlettsville, TN 37072


What’s in a Name…One Couple’s Saga In Choosing Names for their Kids

My husband and I are pretty boring people, and when we found out I was pregnant, naming children became quite the enjoyable pastime for Jeff and me.  Having 5 children gave us plenty of times to get out the baby name book and experiment with different names we could use. To make name choosing easier, we came up with some categories of our own.

1. Themes

Jeff and I joked about naming our kids after outlaws, like Jesse James or Billy the Kid. But after we thought up those two outlaws, we were kind of at a loss, since we weren’t familiar with any other outlaws.

We also thought the planets might be an interesting way to name kids…Saturn, Venus, Mars…but Uranus might be in bad taste, and Pluto kind of implies being stupid.

I heard of one family naming their kids after the month they conceived…my thought in all that was that they might have to explain sex way too early.

But we got a good chuckle out of thinking of naming our kids after civil rights leaders just to tick my mother off…Martin, Malcolm, Mandela, Mahatma…

We ended up naming all of our kids some kind of Bible name, even Julia. Her name is found in the last chapter of Romans as someone Paul greets…yeah, I know, that was a stretch, but it still counts.

2. Alliterated names (all beginning with the same letter)

We didn’t intend to alliterate our children’s names really…I always thought it was kind of dorky especially after the children became adults. We originally had our first three sons’ names picked out before they were even born (I guess I had some inkling that I was going to have mostly boys and that they were going to come in fast succession). We liked Jesse (the outlaw in me kind of stuck), and Jonah came from the movie “Sleepless in Seattle.” Jake, we thought, was suitable for a third boy because it was tough sounding, and we figured our 3rd son would have to be tough.

But, when we had our 4th child, we had the opportunity to veer away from the alliteration because she was a girl, and so it would have been completely appropriate to not name her a “J” name, but we were like moths to the light…we couldn’t help but go there. I really considered naming her Journey…I’m not so sure that Jeff was sold on it, and my mom was horrified, and even the baby books make fun of this name.  But we went with the name Julia, which happens to be a Beatles song, and that was what finally sold it for me.

We had a fifth child, and even though there are an abundance of names that begin with “J,” we were beginning to run out of options we liked. And you can’t have Jesse, Jonah, Jake, Julia, and Fred…it just doesn’t quite gel with the rest…so we were stuck with “J” names unless we planned on having a 6th child, which we weren’t and aren’t. So our last and final name was Jeremiah…how we ended up naming our last born with such a long name, I’ll never know. All the other kids will be out at recess while he’ll still be writing his name on his paper…

3. Popular names

When naming children from the popular name list, know that popular named children will always know their last name exceptionally well (which can be a good thing if lost in a store) or will need to attend a very small school. The names Jeff and Kim were both extremely popular back in the 60’s and 70’s, so Jeff grew up being Jeff D. while I was one of the three Kim’s in my graduating class of 37. Jeff and I didn’t intentionally name our third son from the popular name list, but it seems Jacob has been the most popular boys’ name for 9 years running, and our son turned 9 in January, but we call him Jake…so maybe that will help.

I taught fourth grade several years ago. Out of a class of 18, I had three Hannah’s. And remember all the Kaitlyn’s spelled any way you could possibly imagine or come up with yourself…

4. Family names

We always wanted the middle name to be a family name. Jeff’s family had many names to choose from, but my family ended up with the short end of the stick simply because I have a very small family; I only have one cousin. There are only a handful of people in my family, and three of these people have the name Thomas in all its various forms of Tom, Tommy, Thomas. We didn’t want to overdo an already overdone thing.

My mother was convinced we needed to name a girl Gillette after my grandmother’s maiden name…and for obvious reasons we didn’t want our daughter to be known as ”the best a man can get..” Earl is also a family name on my side, and I really tried hard to make it work, but Jeff was pretty adamant that Earl was just not meant to be. Ronald is yet another name, but we just couldn’t do that either…sorry, Dad. My mom also had some relative that was named Wilhemina…yeah…,no. Consequently, all the middle names came from Jeff’s side.

So there you have it. This is what two married English majors sit around and do for fun, and this actually makes us laugh out loud. So what’s in a name…more than you can possibly imagine.

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